Women entrepreneurs still constitute only 1/3rd of entrepreneurs in the EU Member States; the COVID-19 pandemic has even worsened women entrepreneurs’ situation in maintaining their businesses and posed
further challenges in reconciling work and private life. In these challenging times, it is of utmost importance to empower women and women entrepreneurs, and this is the objective of the RE-FEM project as well.
On 8 March, partners of the RE-FEM project celebrated International Women’s Day all around Europe.

The event called DoboGO took place on 8 March, with the mission to celebrate and strengthen the community of women entrepreneurs. SEED Foundation believes that female entrepreneurs are critical agents of change and one of the most important areas to be supported is community development and networking. Being part of an entrepreneurial community supports and inspires them in their carrier-path and everyday lives.
More information about the event can be found here (in Hungarian).

Watch the short video about the event below:

Orsolya Gergely, sociologist and project manager of the RE-FEM project on behalf of Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania has shared her thoughts on gender equality and International Women’s Day on the
following media platforms:

Erdély TV, Nőszemközt: Női jogokról a Nőszemköztben (Erdély TV, Woman-to-woman about women’s rights) Watch the recording (in Hungarian):

Kolozsvári Rádió, Tetőterasz: Túllátni a szoknyán, nadrágon. (Radio of Cluj Napoca, Rooftop: Seeing beyond skirts and trousers) Listen to the interview.
Nők a közéletben. A Sapientia Podcast meghívottja Sógor Enikő, Csíkszereda Megyei Jogú Város alpolgármestere (Women in public life, Sapientia Podcast guest Enikő Sógor, Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Csíkszereda) Watch the recording (in Hungarian)

National monthly newspaper:
Gergely Orsolya: Kevesebbet ér(demel) a munkaerőpiacon? Nőileg (Do you worth less in the labour market? Nőileg) Click here to to read the article (in Hungarian).
National daily newspaper:
Kiss Judit: Államilag, társadalmilag is jobban kéne segíteni az anyákat – Gergely Orsolya szociológus a nemek közötti egyenlőtlenségről Krónika (Judit Kiss: the state and society shouldl better support mothers – Orsolya Gergely, sociologist on gender inequality, Krónika) Click here to read the article (in Hungarian).
County newspaper:
Baló Noémi-Kinga: Nőnap egykor és ma. Hargita Népe (Noémi-Kinga Baló: Women’s Day today and in the past) Click here to read the article (in Hungarian).

This meeting, organised by the Regional Ministry of University, Research and Innovation, through Andalucía Emprende, and in collaboration with the Andalusian Federation of Women Entrepreneurs (FAME), was held to celebrate International Women’s Day as a demonstration of their commitment towards female entrepreneurship as a driving force for employment and innovation in Andalusia. Furthermore, successful cases of companies promoted by women were highlighted as inspirational models for others who are considering entrepreneurship.

Place: Europa Hall. European Union Pavilion. C/ Isaac Newton, s/n. PCT Cartuja. Seville
You can also check the recording on the YouTube channel.