The first online meeting with the RE-FEM Projects Ambassadors took place on the 21st of April 2023. We are pleased that 14 project ambassador has been recruited from all the RE-FEM project partner countries and 10 of them have attended the first online meeting. The meeting started with greeting participants and a brief presentation on HETFA Research Institute and the RE-FEM project from Katalin Oborni on behalf of the Consortium. The presentation included information about the objectives, activities, target groups etc.

The ambassadors introduced themselves, shared their experiences, and expressed that they are interested and curious about the project. They see the project as a great opportunity for networking and getting to know more about women entrepreneurship, and they are all eager to start working in the project. After the introduction of the ambassadors Katalin Oborni (HETFA) presented the four work packages and provided an overview of the activities and tasks the project ambassadors potentially can be engaged in, like conducting and preparing a research report, promoting the online training manual, the open education platform, social media platforms and events, promoting the policy study and participating in the evaluation of the project activities and collecting useful policy recommendation and data. The ambassadors will be primarily in contact with the organisations that invited them to the project, for example they will involve the ambassadors in communication activities regarding the project.

After the description of the activities, Cecilia Farkas Kirov from SEED Alapítvány shared the experiences on a project ambassadorship programme being implemented at SEED Foundation, shared examples of the activities implemented by the ambassadors and how they maintained the very efficient women’s ambassador network, the NETWORK OF FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS IN HUNGARY-NANNY (within the work program of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program as part of the European Network of Female Entrepreneurship Ambassadors).

At the end of the meeting the participants had discussed in break out rooms the question of ‘How could the ambassadorship serve the interest of each involved party? Ambassadors, project partners, target groups’. The discussion led to emphasize that personal visibility is an advantage for ambassadors, so they have the opportunity to network with people who have the same mission and also to inspire and motivate other ambassadors.

We look forward to cooperate with the RE-FEM Ambassadors!