The RE-FEM project has recently been featured at multiple conferences, highlighting our commitment to dissemination and science communication as integral components of our initiative. We are excited to share insights from three key events where we presented our research.

  1. Danube Cup – Conference on Entrepreneurship Education:

The Second International Danube Cup, held at the University of Belgrade, Serbia, in November, provided a platform for Sanja Popovic Pantic (from Institute Mihajlo Pupin) and Katalin Oborni (HÉTFA Research Institute) to share their findings. Their presentation focused on Entrepreneurship in Practice, specifically examining the effects of Covid-19 on entrepreneurship.

  1. Hungarian Sociological Association’s Annual Conference:

Themed Crisis to Crisis, this conference addressed the turbulent times we currently navigate.

As stated in the conference call: “Crises hit individuals, communities, and organisations. Crises can be unexpected and disruptive, upsetting the established order, and they can also become part of everyday life and leave serious long-term individual and generational impacts. Still, there are also innovative ways of adapting to them as they become a source of social change and new economic, political, and social solutions.”

Our research was presented in the section, The Impact of Crises on the World of Work: Challenges and Responses in the Sociology of Work” by Orsolya Gergely (from Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania), Katalin Oborni and Eszter Szőnyi (HÉTFA Research Institute).

  1. Entrepreneurship Research Conference – Annual Event of the Network of Economic Researchers and Analysts in Hungary:

Orsolya Gergely and Katalin Oborni showcased our research at this conference, addressing the theme Crises and Responses – Women Entrepreneurs and Their Businesses in the Light of Comprehensive International Research.

As we eagerly anticipate the new year, we look forward to participating in upcoming conferences, where we will continue to share our valuable research findings. Stay tuned for more updates!

The research report will be published on the RE-FEM website soon.